Alpha and Omega Music Video by Joe Praize: Worship or Plain Vanity?

The importance of a music video especially as a tool for music promotion cannot be overemphasized (see grammar *cool* ) One of the major fears of gospel artistes, I believe in making music video apart from the video quality is majorly content.

Yup. CONTENT.  What is in that 4 to 5 minutes movie with your song playing that would keep viewers glued to their TVs or mobile devices and want to watch it again.

The Secular music industry has surpassed the gospel music industry by far owing to the quality of the videos released on a daily basis. This we can attribute mostly to poor funding /sponsorship, hence these gospel acts have to make do with what they have usually from their own private pockets.

CONTENT: Secular videos are usually characterized by one single theme; VANITY. This is portrayed in the emphasis of money (which most do not have in real life 😛 ), alcohol, parties and clubbing, and nudity/sex. Let’s just say the goal is to incite the vanity in man which we as Christians are supposed to have control over. We are not slaves to money, sex, alcohol etc. We have dominion over these things.

Joe Praize’s Alpha and Omega video directed by Holmes is really BEAUTIFUL and an EXCELLENT job in terms of quality pictures. It can stand shoulders high with the videos shown on MTV and SOUNDCITY. I am so proud of that quality. But that’s not all to a gospel video, is it? NOPE!!!

This song is a great song of worship exalting the GREATNESS and AMAZING QUALITIES of our God. It’s an expression of how we as God’s children should relate with our Lord and Saviour creating an atmosphere of worship all our lives.

So me and my crew … (Did you actually think I do this alone?*tongue out*). Yea, we watched this video which is supposed to be a song of WORSHIPm, yet all we felt was the very same feeling one would feel when watching a WIZKID or a D’BANJ.

Joe wakes up in an expensive apartment (no wahala), says his prayers (no wahala). Then wahala starts when he enters his indoor garage from outside his house (ok, maybe that’s how the house was built sha). I initially though it was to show off the electronically controlled garage opening system. Then he enters a very expensive car (I’m not a car person, someone please help with that brand!  *covers face* ) while he sings. Then he arrives to meet up some friends on a yacht, sipping “red non-alcoholic wine” *whistling* Then I’m wondering.

What’s the correlation between showing off riches/wealth (flashy house, car and yacht) and a song of worship. If it was a thanksgiving song; that is, showing forth what God has done, no wahala but a worship song (showing forth who God is)??? I beg to differ.


Ok, moving on. Joe joins his “band mates”.  All white band mates. I will not say anything about this although I’m pretty lost why it’s an “all white” band (the back-up ladies try sha in acting their parts). While the band “ministers” to empty seats. Well, that could just be the concept abi?

This is all my opinion though but I just feel that whatever work is done by a Christian, minister or not, should bring hope to the world and strength, edification, encouragement to God’s people as well as be an offering unto God.

On a final note, someone please tell JOE PRAIZE to remove the shades. Thank you.

Please add your thoughts on this matter. Thanks

ChisosMusic Critique: Light Up My World by PITA

I was browsing through my TL last week when I noticed a tweet endorsing this song. Since it was done by a gospel artiste that’s been buzzing favorably in the industry in recent times, I quickly went ahead to download it.


And wow, was I greatly impressed. This song “Sweet” gaaaaaaan.

PITA’s vocals are just simply one word; AMAZING. Strong, powerful and confident, Sure.

If there’s one thing this brother has again, its deep lyrics. Well thought of and well arranged. I took the liberty to browse through his Reverbnation page and I wasn’t disappointed at all.

However, if you listen to this song closely, you would notice what has become a trend with gospel artistes nowadays. The song ain’t a Christian themed Song.

By this I mean, it wasn’t entirely Jesus-centric. Not one mention of the name Jesus or God. It is a Love song but please don’t give me that “God is Love” excuse. Ain’t buying  it.

I believe that when you as a gospel artiste, it is expedient that you record songs even if on topics like, say… sports, there’s got to be a way of pointing out the fact that “Oluwa is involved”.

Like my previous article on Nosa’s Why You Love Me, I can sweetly place my boyfriend or girlfriend’s name that he or she “Lights Up my world”

“Don’t misunderstand me, I know I sound crazy but I know what I’m doing… Gbenga/Chinelo you light up my world “

I guess gospel acts now want to delve into other foray of topics other than what we now call “Church Music”.  Jeremiah Gyang, Tosin Martins, Gaise, Mali Music and Lacrae and much more are doing it, init?

Oh, wait! Maybe this is the new definition of “GO YE INTO THE WORLD”? Are we now going into SECULAR music to revolutionize it? Or is it a new rule that Gospel artistes can “touch” on the “secular” in their album projects?  Or is it just the fear that your audience would be limited to church folks or maybe in the later future PITA would say like most of em  have…“I AM NOT A GOSPEL ARTISTE”? That would be a shame considering a report that while PITA was ministering a lame person got healed. Isn’t that grand?

Please don’t get it twisted. I love and enjoy the song a lot but I’m trying to look at the bigger picture here.

Baa!!! What do I know?

Please rate the song below and express your thoughts on this issue.

ChisosMusic Critique: My Wahala with Nigerian Gospel Music Videos plus 3 Video Critiques

Hallo Hallo Hallo ooooooo,

So we are talking about music videos today which were not part of the plan when we set out to create this platform but please permit us to run an exception for this one ( and maybe more in the future 😀 )


Ok, that done, let’s have an understanding here. GREAT music videos cost a lot.

Yea, I mean a whole lot. And the gospel music terrain seems not to be ready to bear such cost, no thanks to the challenge of lack of investors in the industry. Well, can you blame investors? Fear of not getting returns on  investment is higher with gospel music.  Yeah yeah, I know Blow my mind by Henri Soul blew everyone’s minds and has become international but sit his management down to confirm how much Clarence Peters collected for that world class video. Same thing with Yabo by Solomon Lange.

You can also have a great music video on a low budget. Ask GAISE with “Movie Song” music video. That video had several nominations and awards.

GAISE can confirm that the good reviews he has received so far from AWA O TUSH is not comparable to that of MOVIE SONG
All you need is CONCEPT. A supercalifrajalisticespialidotious concept. A video someone wants to watch over and over again despite the “not so ghen ghen” visuals. Permit me to also use this example by Olamide “Eni Duro”. Low budget but “madt” concepts.

So here’s what I think about our videos in recent times. NB: I COULD BE WRONG!

I’m tired of seeing over-populated cameo appearances in gospel music videos in fact; it seems to be a Nigerian thing though. Gathering fellow singers to sing and dance with you in your music video, is it for endorsement? What relevance is it? Does it make your video more appealing and real to the viewing audience? Is it that people would take you serious if they see the kinda peeps you supposedly “hang out” with in your videos? I really can’t say. For instance, I sensed AWA O TUSH video by GAISE would parade a particular group of artistes, a sort of clique if you ask me and VOILA! They were all there.

The one that annoys me more is where you gather NOLLYWOOD stars in your MUSIC video, not even to act but stand beside you singing and shaking body (note that I didn’t say dancing) Warriisssddaatt???. If you really want them in your video, create a believable story around your song and let them do what they know how to do best; ACT.
Err… tHis is just an aside- Let’s also chill with the club scenes in our videos. They look cool but c’mon…clubs for songs to bring God honour and reverence, what is in your glasses? Communion wine?


Ok, let’s run a random critique of 3 popular gospel music videos recently released.


Orin Tuntun by Psalmos was below expectations for me considering my intense love for that song. The video has cool pictures though. But what’s with the dancing while SITTING in a groovy song? Maybe I’m not seeing something…just maybe. I expected more choreography from the dance dudes. I also feel the beggar and giving people money scenes were an afterthought, maybe wasn’t in the original script. And finally, massive cameo appearances…MASSIVE! #NuffSaid

Next, Morire video by Mike Abdul. Is Monique the wife of a G.O? No disrespect. I need clarification please. That hat though! Listening to the energy in her voice on the track you would expect her to match the fiery performance of Mr. Abdul. But she came in a holy worshipper demeanor which made her seem passive in the video. Apart from that and the multitude cameo appearances, I LOVE THE VIDEO. Abdul nailed it

What is the matter by TIV is what it is, A DANCE VIDEO. Akin Alabi is regarded as a prolific music video director and the artiste behind TIV so you would expect that his own music video would be on point. My opinion; Low budget and Nice concept, all you would expect from a tecno/house music video. That yellow hooded-Jacket though. Maybe I have poor taste in yellow hooded jackets…just maybe!

Remember, this is just MY OWN OPINION. God’s opinion about your work is what’s more important. And then again, I might just be an angel sent to tell you his opinion. #JustSaying.

Please feel free to leave a comment below.





ChisosMusic Critique – Why You Love me by Nosa

Nosa is simply an amazing singer.


His vocal dexterity is..err…permit me to use the word “enviable”. Every song performed by the “Always Pray for You” maestro were delivered with simplicity yet  sound professionalism. No “wash”! I’m only trying to capture my love for this great man’s gift in the best possible adjective I can think of cos he does deserve it.

Now with that said, let’s get down to the song at hand, “Why you love me”.

This is contemporary high-life at its best.

The beat and instrumentals are just right. The lyrics, though in his signature pidgin english delivery are intelligent, well planned and thought of, not some mumbo jumbo and burukete burukete burukete (where did that come from?) which features in most of our songs nowadays, even our very own gospel music.

Ok, now my grouse with the song is that the name “Jesus” or “God” was not mentioned in the full song which is supposedly about God’s love. See, I could as well insert “Rihanna, why you love me” or “Buddha, why you love me” without stress and it’ll still pass. So the question would be Why WHO love me?

Was that on purpose? So as to be relevant in both the secular and gospel sphere?

But seriously, do we need to remove Jesus or God from songs to be relevant?

Can we preach a message without The Message?

Oh well, someone would argue that its “Inspirational Music“. Please spare me the worldly jargon which. That is just an excuse that most gospel artistes use so as to have a bite in the secular market share  .

The message of Jesus is the life transforming GOSPEL and not an INSPIRATIONAL MESSAGE.

Peeps might say, he’s not just a gospel musician na. And i’m like o……………………..k.


Overall, the song is a plus for me. Love it. Now your turn, what do you think?


Please participate in the poll and leave a comment.

GOSPEL JAMZ – Who’s Really Grooving?


Hey guys,

Sorry I haven’t posted in a bit. I was a bit distracted for a while. But a certain angel came to beat me back on track. Glory to God!!

Did you miss me? Or are you part of the lot that wished I was kidnapped and exchanged for gala at Cotonou? LOL

Whatever the case may be… I’m back now.  Hahaha *Self Ovation*

Gosh! A whole lot of songs have been released recently. Great gospel tunes as well as Akamu …err…Akamu… things (can’t bring myself to call them songs). Some of them deserve critique while most are just plain ridiculous and not worth my time to write less you reading them. However, I’ll do my best to see what I can review.

A question’s always bugging my mind. And it’s a question I want to pose to y’all gospel artistes


Are you here for the money, the fame…The glitz and the glamour…The paparazzi…the adoring fans?

If that’s the case, then the object of your passion is material and like all material things, they wear and tear and fizzle out into obscurity and no one remembers them anymore cos a new “product” has taken over. Who remembers Trium phones? Anybody? Ah! Never mind *checks incoming ping*

Think about the gospel artistes that have stood the test of time. Whose songs are still relevant today and are still sung in our various worship services.

One thing is constant…


gloryYou see, God is the only constant, never-changing and ever relevant “product” that has been before eternity and will continue to be even after eternity fades away. If you choose to make him the centre and pillar of your chosen career, you will ultimately be relevant even after you leave this earth. God takes ownership of your songs cos they are about and for him and he uses it for generations to come. Isn’t that even a cooler way to make the money?

Instead you write your songs to the taste of the CREATED rather than the CREATOR. You want to please the people who “would buy your cd” rather than the one who is able to cause you to profit and bring wealth into your house. And the annoying thing is that these people are only waiting to download your content for free without paying a dime.

What’s your call? Choose to focus on our God in all his simplicity and beauty and he will indeed “bless your bread and your water” (Exodus 23:25+) or the people whose loyalty changes with the wind.

So tell me, who’s really grooving your gbedu? JESUS or THE PEOPLE?



Chisosmusic Critique: Without You by Okey Sokay


without you

Okey Sokey has yet again confirmed that he sure knows his onions and didn’t come into this Gospel Music industry to break melon or fry puff puff.

When this amiable singer, songwriter and producer initially posted the snippet to the song “Without You”, I wasn’t sure if it was gospel. You too, see the opening lyrics na…

From the first day I met my lover
I knew my life had changed forever
You and I Together
Was the best decision ever

I was like, hmmmm… Okey’s babe has put something inside his ice cream when he went to the gents at the Galleria… LoL

But when the song was finally released online (Downloaded mine on Praizhouse), I was like “WOW”

The summary of the song is encapsulated in the chorus…

“I just can’t live without you”

“Without You” is a LOVE SONG. A love song to God. Its also a total declaration of our dependence and commitment to Yahweh; how fickle and weak we are without Him, our Source.

Recorded in a mid-tempo ballad, Okey Sokay still retained a level of “Africaness” as the percussion sounded “Konga-ish”. Not noisy just soothing.

However, I felt that the “Chioma” part at the end of the song was unnecessary though. This is one song that would break language barriers and including a native language could create that barrier.

As usual, just my opinion.

But all the same, the song is a double thumbs up (plus big toes) for me.

Now, please vote for the song and tell me what you think.


ChisosMusic Critique: Baba Ni Baba by Eben

You know that feeling when you love and hate something at the same time? I have that feeling for chocolate. Weird right?
That’s the same thing I feel about this song.


I suspect that my bias/ love for this song is because of that naïve thought that Eben can do no wrong in music.
But with this song,… *sigh*.

I kinda get the whole point of recording a dancehall and “groovement” jam for christians to have a nice time as a sorta replacement for the crappy songs secular artistes churn out daily which are themed around money, alcohol and sex.
Eben and quite a lot of gospel artistes have led the crusade to do us all a favour.

However, are they doing a good job?

I chose this song cos in my own opinion it has a better production compared to similar genre in his recently released “Justified” album (Wonderful job- grab ya copy noooooow!).
The hook/chorus is cool.

But my wahala are the verses. I won’t elaborate on the issues cos remember this article is supposed to be short. So I’ll keep it simple and straight.

The verses are a combo of catch phrases from several songs both gospel and secular.
There was a generous chant of dbanj’s ‘Ooooshe’ in verse 2, this I have no issue with but my grouse was a part of what I think is the bridge (or maybe not), a xerox of May D’s “Ile ijo” chorus…

“As a good boy, I go dey yin baba, yin baba, yin baba, yin baba. As a good girl, I go dey yin baba, yin baba, yin baba, yin baba”

You’re shocked abi? I thought so too.

What most of you gospel artistes don’t get about using hooks from secular acts is that their songs(secular) which always have more airplay than gospel songs would override your copy when a listener is grooving your track. I still can’t get “ile-ijo” off my mind when listening to that bit.

I believe that a job is the self-portrait of the doer.  Eben is better than this…
Every song in your album must be a hit. You must not do anything shabby just to make sure your track listing cross 12 na.
If you already have 7 great songs…voila, you have an album.

Baba ni baba is a great idea… Sweet melody and you can’t help but dance.

On a final note, our Gospel is more about words. Thus our lyrics is the koko (wink). We must always have this at the back of our minds, WE PRAISE GOD FOR HIS PLEASURE NOT NECESSARILY OURS.

So, lemme drop my pen here and let you rate the song yourself.


REMEMBER: This is just my opinion, I could be wrong. GRACE supersede all

ChisosMusic Critique : Awao Tush by @GaiseBaba

So my debut critique would be Gaise’s “AWA O TUSH” (Still don’t get what that means anyway)


This song has my thumbs up. (Applause). But let’s talk about it a bit. You can’t listen to this song and not move your body. If your body doesn’t move, that could as well be a symptom of stroke… LOL It was recorded in the up-tempo beat that characterizes the usual party/dance hall jam that’s sweeping the music industry in Nigeria (at least for now). The genre of the song, I hear is called AfroFusion (ain’t they all). Gaise rapped and sang in Yoruba and blended small English in it being his signature pattern. The verses are so on point. What I don’t get in the song is simply the relationship between the hook/chorus and the verse. The verses talk about a sweet relationship with God but in the bid to get a rhyme, you say.. Anywhere we go, E no matter the flow… I hope say you know… (((ECHO))) AWA O TUSH O!!! What did that say to you? *crickets* I guess he realized that and said in the verse 2 that “don’t get it twisted, “its still a heavenly something” I LOVE THE SONG. Listen and DOWNLOAD Awaotush So, let’s rate the song together and please include a comment on the song or the blog post.

Remember, its just my opinion, I could be wrong you know.



It has been my desire for a very long time to start up a  strictly gospel music critique + review blog!.

Yup! A very looooooooooooooooooooooong time. And I give glory to God for its birth. So here goes…

In Nigeria, almost on per second billing, a new gospel song is recorded and released to the general public to be a blessing to the body of Christ (at least i hope so!). Different christian songs of different genres laden with strong and sometimes ridiculous lyrics are published daily to boost of the Gospel music industry in Nigeria and the kingdom of God (not so sure of the latter for some songs tho).

I am an ardent fan of gospel music in Nigeria. A devout christian and worshiper. I love music a lot and I have heard all sorts; gospel and secular and I have developed a little knowledge of the industry being a keen watcher.

Our Heavenly Father is a God of order. He believes in excellence no matter the costs. He fights concepts like disorder, average, marginal, smallness, haphazard etc. Poor is even unthinkable. It therefore breaks my heart when artistes, who are supposed to be bearers of God’s banner churn out average even poor rating songs. Many try to copy secular songs forgetting the very essence of their calling/career and ministry.

JESUS and his Kingdom.

I’ve always wanted to shout but I keep quiet so as not to mess with people’s emotions but its getting out of hand.



I’m not much of a writer, please pardon me but this is how we are going to roll.

We will put up the song for listening and then critique it as objectively as possible. Everything is still my Opinion though.

We would also give the fans the opportunity to rate the song via a poll. It would be cool.

Guest reviews are also welcome.

Send your review to

We would review and maybe publish.