Chisosmusic Critique: Without You by Okey Sokay


without you

Okey Sokey has yet again confirmed that he sure knows his onions and didn’t come into this Gospel Music industry to break melon or fry puff puff.

When this amiable singer, songwriter and producer initially posted the snippet to the song “Without You”, I wasn’t sure if it was gospel. You too, see the opening lyrics na…

From the first day I met my lover
I knew my life had changed forever
You and I Together
Was the best decision ever

I was like, hmmmm… Okey’s babe has put something inside his ice cream when he went to the gents at the Galleria… LoL

But when the song was finally released online (Downloaded mine on Praizhouse), I was like “WOW”

The summary of the song is encapsulated in the chorus…

“I just can’t live without you”

“Without You” is a LOVE SONG. A love song to God. Its also a total declaration of our dependence and commitment to Yahweh; how fickle and weak we are without Him, our Source.

Recorded in a mid-tempo ballad, Okey Sokay still retained a level of “Africaness” as the percussion sounded “Konga-ish”. Not noisy just soothing.

However, I felt that the “Chioma” part at the end of the song was unnecessary though. This is one song that would break language barriers and including a native language could create that barrier.

As usual, just my opinion.

But all the same, the song is a double thumbs up (plus big toes) for me.

Now, please vote for the song and tell me what you think.



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