ChisosMusic Critique : Awao Tush by @GaiseBaba

So my debut critique would be Gaise’s “AWA O TUSH” (Still don’t get what that means anyway)


This song has my thumbs up. (Applause). But let’s talk about it a bit. You can’t listen to this song and not move your body. If your body doesn’t move, that could as well be a symptom of stroke… LOL It was recorded in the up-tempo beat that characterizes the usual party/dance hall jam that’s sweeping the music industry in Nigeria (at least for now). The genre of the song, I hear is called AfroFusion (ain’t they all). Gaise rapped and sang in Yoruba and blended small English in it being his signature pattern. The verses are so on point. What I don’t get in the song is simply the relationship between the hook/chorus and the verse. The verses talk about a sweet relationship with God but in the bid to get a rhyme, you say.. Anywhere we go, E no matter the flow… I hope say you know… (((ECHO))) AWA O TUSH O!!! What did that say to you? *crickets* I guess he realized that and said in the verse 2 that “don’t get it twisted, “its still a heavenly something” I LOVE THE SONG. Listen and DOWNLOAD Awaotush So, let’s rate the song together and please include a comment on the song or the blog post.

Remember, its just my opinion, I could be wrong you know.




It has been my desire for a very long time to start up a  strictly gospel music critique + review blog!.

Yup! A very looooooooooooooooooooooong time. And I give glory to God for its birth. So here goes…

In Nigeria, almost on per second billing, a new gospel song is recorded and released to the general public to be a blessing to the body of Christ (at least i hope so!). Different christian songs of different genres laden with strong and sometimes ridiculous lyrics are published daily to boost of the Gospel music industry in Nigeria and the kingdom of God (not so sure of the latter for some songs tho).

I am an ardent fan of gospel music in Nigeria. A devout christian and worshiper. I love music a lot and I have heard all sorts; gospel and secular and I have developed a little knowledge of the industry being a keen watcher.

Our Heavenly Father is a God of order. He believes in excellence no matter the costs. He fights concepts like disorder, average, marginal, smallness, haphazard etc. Poor is even unthinkable. It therefore breaks my heart when artistes, who are supposed to be bearers of God’s banner churn out average even poor rating songs. Many try to copy secular songs forgetting the very essence of their calling/career and ministry.

JESUS and his Kingdom.

I’ve always wanted to shout but I keep quiet so as not to mess with people’s emotions but its getting out of hand.



I’m not much of a writer, please pardon me but this is how we are going to roll.

We will put up the song for listening and then critique it as objectively as possible. Everything is still my Opinion though.

We would also give the fans the opportunity to rate the song via a poll. It would be cool.

Guest reviews are also welcome.

Send your review to

We would review and maybe publish.