ChisosMusic Critique: Baba Ni Baba by Eben

You know that feeling when you love and hate something at the same time? I have that feeling for chocolate. Weird right?
That’s the same thing I feel about this song.


I suspect that my bias/ love for this song is because of that naïve thought that Eben can do no wrong in music.
But with this song,… *sigh*.

I kinda get the whole point of recording a dancehall and “groovement” jam for christians to have a nice time as a sorta replacement for the crappy songs secular artistes churn out daily which are themed around money, alcohol and sex.
Eben and quite a lot of gospel artistes have led the crusade to do us all a favour.

However, are they doing a good job?

I chose this song cos in my own opinion it has a better production compared to similar genre in his recently released “Justified” album (Wonderful job- grab ya copy noooooow!).
The hook/chorus is cool.

But my wahala are the verses. I won’t elaborate on the issues cos remember this article is supposed to be short. So I’ll keep it simple and straight.

The verses are a combo of catch phrases from several songs both gospel and secular.
There was a generous chant of dbanj’s ‘Ooooshe’ in verse 2, this I have no issue with but my grouse was a part of what I think is the bridge (or maybe not), a xerox of May D’s “Ile ijo” chorus…

“As a good boy, I go dey yin baba, yin baba, yin baba, yin baba. As a good girl, I go dey yin baba, yin baba, yin baba, yin baba”

You’re shocked abi? I thought so too.

What most of you gospel artistes don’t get about using hooks from secular acts is that their songs(secular) which always have more airplay than gospel songs would override your copy when a listener is grooving your track. I still can’t get “ile-ijo” off my mind when listening to that bit.

I believe that a job is the self-portrait of the doer.  Eben is better than this…
Every song in your album must be a hit. You must not do anything shabby just to make sure your track listing cross 12 na.
If you already have 7 great songs…voila, you have an album.

Baba ni baba is a great idea… Sweet melody and you can’t help but dance.

On a final note, our Gospel is more about words. Thus our lyrics is the koko (wink). We must always have this at the back of our minds, WE PRAISE GOD FOR HIS PLEASURE NOT NECESSARILY OURS.

So, lemme drop my pen here and let you rate the song yourself.


REMEMBER: This is just my opinion, I could be wrong. GRACE supersede all