ChisosMusic Critique: Light Up My World by PITA

I was browsing through my TL last week when I noticed a tweet endorsing this song. Since it was done by a gospel artiste that’s been buzzing favorably in the industry in recent times, I quickly went ahead to download it.


And wow, was I greatly impressed. This song “Sweet” gaaaaaaan.

PITA’s vocals are just simply one word; AMAZING. Strong, powerful and confident, Sure.

If there’s one thing this brother has again, its deep lyrics. Well thought of and well arranged. I took the liberty to browse through his Reverbnation page and I wasn’t disappointed at all.

However, if you listen to this song closely, you would notice what has become a trend with gospel artistes nowadays. The song ain’t a Christian themed Song.

By this I mean, it wasn’t entirely Jesus-centric. Not one mention of the name Jesus or God. It is a Love song but please don’t give me that “God is Love” excuse. Ain’t buying  it.

I believe that when you as a gospel artiste, it is expedient that you record songs even if on topics like, say… sports, there’s got to be a way of pointing out the fact that “Oluwa is involved”.

Like my previous article on Nosa’s Why You Love Me, I can sweetly place my boyfriend or girlfriend’s name that he or she “Lights Up my world”

“Don’t misunderstand me, I know I sound crazy but I know what I’m doing… Gbenga/Chinelo you light up my world “

I guess gospel acts now want to delve into other foray of topics other than what we now call “Church Music”.  Jeremiah Gyang, Tosin Martins, Gaise, Mali Music and Lacrae and much more are doing it, init?

Oh, wait! Maybe this is the new definition of “GO YE INTO THE WORLD”? Are we now going into SECULAR music to revolutionize it? Or is it a new rule that Gospel artistes can “touch” on the “secular” in their album projects?  Or is it just the fear that your audience would be limited to church folks or maybe in the later future PITA would say like most of em  have…“I AM NOT A GOSPEL ARTISTE”? That would be a shame considering a report that while PITA was ministering a lame person got healed. Isn’t that grand?

Please don’t get it twisted. I love and enjoy the song a lot but I’m trying to look at the bigger picture here.

Baa!!! What do I know?

Please rate the song below and express your thoughts on this issue.